Alonzo Williams Jr.

The Everyday Stranger Podcast

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Photographer Alonzo Williams Jr has developed a philosophy that human beings' (rather they be acquaintances or strangers) greatest super power is their own life story. In The Everyday Stranger Podcast, Williams strictly bases his episodes on human story by sharing his experiences and encounters with strangers along with interviews with strangers from the past and present. "I see human beings as books waiting to be read. This is the perfect way to learn if you ask me." Alonzo states. In addition, The Everyday Stranger Podcast is the continuance of Alonzo's recent project entitled "Everyday Strangers"- a passion project where he uses the same philosophy but through photography instead. "My job is to explore the diversity of the human race, converse with strangers no matter what our differences may be, while at the same time staying true to myself"- Alonzo Williams Jr